Headwolf D500 Portable Power Supply

Highlight of Headwolf D500 Portable Power Station

Headwolf D500 Power Supply


The UL Timate portable power supply you can count on

Party | Camping | Trip | Outdoor WorkingFeatures

4 different Fast Chargings

The HEADWOLF D500 is equipped with a 90W charging adapter that can be fully charged in 5.5 hours when connected to a standard wall plug. DC, AC, in-vehicle interface, USB QC, PD quick charge could be charged. 

90W Fast Recharge | 60W Recharge

Packing with a larger capacity of 518Wh and higher rated power of 1000W.

Headwolf D500 500Wt Outdoor Generator build in 9 output ports'

(1) 2* 12V/10A DC output

(2) 1* 12V/10A cigarette lighter port

(3)1* 100W PD (Input/ output)-5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,15V3A,20V5A

(4) 1* 60W PD output - 5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,15V3A,20V3A

(5) 2*USB-A 3.0 output, 5V3A / 9V2A /12V1.5A-Max 18W

(6) 2* 110V Pure Sine Wave AC outlet-500W Max,1000W Peak

 Headwolf D500 portable power station can be recharged by:

(1)90W wall AC input

(2)100W solar panel

(3)120W car cigarette lighter

(4)100W Type-C input

Build Your Solar Charge Backup System

Support Solar Charging

The HEADWOLF D500 Portable Power Station can be used in combination with a 100W foldable solar panel (B09WHX591Q)charger to collect solar energy and store it in a power plant for charging, connection and backup power.

Continent and Stable to Take

SOS Signal and Retardant Material

There are 4-mode LED light that contains an SOS signal. "high brightness - low brightness - SOS - flashing" four lighting modes, which can be widely used for camping, disaster prevention, and reading lights.

V0 level refractory material, and the handle is stable and comfortable. It works well even if it is dropped 60 times from a height of 60 cm.

Smart Fan Control

The smart fan system controls the operating temperature. When the temperature or power reach a certain level, it increases the amount of wind and turns on the high power fan, which effectively reduces the noise and enhances the user experience. Multiple Interfaces work simultaneously

Over 500W Device are not Supported

Please pay attention that this portable power station can not charge the devices over total 500W, such as electric blower, electric oven, induction cooker.

Once the device exceeds 500W, the power station will stop working. Headwolf D500 Function Display 

9 Output Ports

The Solar Generation with a multi-functional interface and compact design, input: 1*DC (90W), 1*Type-C(100W), output: 2*USB 3.0, 2*Type C port(1*PD 60W,1*PD 100W),

2*AC ports(100W), 2*DC(12V), 1*smoke lighter interface(12V 10A), which can meet outdoor demands ,such as home reserve, travel, camping C-PAP and emergency.

BMS intelligent management system 

Advanced BMS

With the ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery backup and the excellent Battery Management System (BMS), Headwolf D500 portable power station extends battery service life with protection and ensures 10+ years life.

Compact and unbreakable design


Q1:What devices can charge/power by HeadWolf D500?

A:The maximum output power is 500Watts, please make sure the total power of your devices less than total 500 Watt.

Q2:What kind of solar panel can charge this D500?

A: The solar panel inferface connect with DC 90Watt special cable or type-C cable.(Type C port support Maximum power 100 watts).

Note: The actual charging time depends on the solar condition, and the angle of the solar panels.

Q3:Can it charge and discharge simultaneously?

A:Yes, the HeadWolf D500 Solar Generator supports pass-through charging; equipped with the premium LiFePO4 battery and the advanced Battery Management System.

Q4:How long does it take to full charge HeadWolf portable power station

A:There are two input ports, within 6 hours from an AC wall outlet or DC 100W solar panel.