Portable Power Station Solar Generator 500W out door generator

Highlight of Headwolf D500 Portable Power Station


  • Packing with a larger capacity of 518Wh and higher rated power of 1000W.
  • Headwolf D500 500Wt Outdoor Generator build in 9 output ports'


(1) 2* 12V/10A DC output (2) 1* 12V/10A cigarette lighter port

(3)1* 100W PD (Input/ output)-5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,15V3A,20V5A

(4) 1* 60W PD output - 5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,15V3A,20V3A

(5) 2*USB-A 3.0 output, 5V3A / 9V2A /12V1.5A-Max 18W

(6) 2* 110V Pure Sine Wave AC outlet-500W Max,1000W Peak


  • Headwolf D500 portable power station can be recharged by:


(1)90W wall AC input (2)100W solar panel

(3)120W car cigarette lighter (4)100W Type-C input

Technical Specifications

Battery capacity 162000mAh( 518Wh)
Material LiFePO4
Output 500W
Peak power 1000W
Output interface 2*USB 3.0, 2*Type C, 2*AC, 2*DC, 1* car charge port
Charging time 6h
Dimensions 6.9*9.3*11.1 Inch
Weight 6.5KG
Operating Temperature -40℉-104℉
LED light Adjustable Mode (SOS Light)

Headwolf D500 Portable Power Station Could be Charged by S100 Solar Panel

headwolf solar charing system solar generator


Q1:What devices can charge/power by HeadWolf D500?

A:The maximum output power is 500Watts, please make sure the total power of your devices less than total 500 Watt.

Q2:What kind of solar panel can charge this D500?

A: The solar panel inferface connect with DC 90Watt special cable or type-C cable.(Type C port support Maximum power 100 watts).

Note: The actual charging time depends on the solar condition, and the angle of the solar panels.

Q3:Can it charge and discharge simultaneously?

A:Yes, the HeadWolf D500 Solar Generator supports pass-through charging; equipped with the premium LiFePO4 battery and the advanced Battery Management System.

Q4:How long does it take to full charge HeadWolf portable power station

A:There are two input ports, within 6 hours from an AC wall outlet or DC 100W solar panel.

Headwolf Power Station 500W 1000W S100 D500+100
Headwolf 500W Power Station Headwolf 1000W Power Station Headwolf 100W Power Panel Headwolf D500 +S100
Capacity/Power 500W 1000W 100W, 4 Foldable 500W/100W
Recharge way AC/Solar/Car/Generator AC/Solar/Car/Generator Solar AC/Solar/Car/Generator
Simultaneous output and input
Weight 6.5KG 8.5KG 4KG 10.5KG